At Parkside, we try to get outdoors as much as possible!  We are lucky to have a fantastic outdside environment.  We have woods with a woodland trail – look out for the minibeast hotel, the log pile house, our hand-made shelters and our ‘campfire’!

We have a lovely pond where we enjoy pond dipping and can spot pondskaters, dragonflies, lilies and even frogs and newts in the summer.  We also have a large field, an adventure trail, hut, a sun shelter, two play grounds and an allotment for each class to grow fruits and vegetables.   Reception class also have their very own outdoor area.  Best of all, we have a new bird nest camera, and you can see our family of blue tits online here.


 We have recently trained our staff to deliver Forest School sessions. 


 All children are asked to bring in wellys or old trainers, so that we can maximise our learning outside, whatever the weather!


We are also a High Weald Hero school.  In partnership with High Weald Heroes, we mapped out Welly Walks for our Infant and Junior classes.  These walks are great fun and help us to learn about our local environment, such as how pigs have had such an influence on the way our countryside looks today!  Click here to read and watch a video about this.

What do you want to learn outdoors at Parkside?

On this wallwisher, tell the teachers what else you would like to learn about or what activities you really enjoyed:

Write about outdoors learning on our school wallwisher.

Why is outdoor learning important?

Outdoor learning allows children to have a greater appreciation for the natural world, to take risks, to problem solve alone or as a team and to understand how living things grow and interrelate. Physical activity in the fresh air is also great for our well-being and fitness. 

Being outdoors offers a great 'classroom' for inspiring literacy, science, art and undertaking maths activities..  For instance, the pond and its organisms lend themselves to lots of counting, pattern seeking, measuring and recording.  Year 1 even use the pond in literacy to think of fantasy characters living underneath the surface!  

How can I learn outdoors?

Go on a leaf hunt with this spotter sheet

Go on a twig hunt with this spotter sheet.

Hunt for animal tracks with this spotter sheet.

Go on a woodland wildlife hunt.

Make a bird cake.

Make a bird feeder.

Read tips on becoming a wildlife photographer.