Get Ready to Read Week

When is our Get Ready to Read Week?
Our Get Ready to read Week will start the first week back after the Easter Holiday starting Monday 15th April until Friday 20th April

What will happen on the mornings of Get Ready to Read Week?
In the mornings from 8.50am just after you have dropped off your children any parents that wish to can come into the school hall and listen to a few of the children read. 

How can I get involved in Get Ready to Read Week?
Our Get Ready to Read Week depends on parents helping out.  If you can spare just 25 minutes after drop off time.  Come straight into the hall and we will provide the children for you to hear read. We would like to invite parents, grandparents and carers. We will also provide you with refreshments.

Why are we focusing on Reading at Parkside School?
Reading is so important for all children, here are just five reasons but there are many more...

1. Reading exercises our brains. Reading is a much more complex task for the human brain than, say, watching TV is. Reading strengthens brain connections and actually builds new connections.

2. Reading improves concentration. Children have to sit still and quietly so they can focus on the story when they’re reading. If they read regularly as they grow up, they develop the ability to do this for longer and longer periods.

3. Reading improves a child’s vocabulary, leads to more highly-developed language skills and improves the child's ability to write well. This is because children learn new words as they read but also because they unconsciously absorb information as they read about things like how to structure sentences and how to use words and language effectively.

4. Reading develops a child’s imagination. This is because when we read our brains translate the descriptions we read of people, places and things into pictures. When we’re engaged in a story, we’re also imagining how the characters are feeling. We use our own experiences to imagine how we would feel in the same situation.

5. Reading helps children develop empathy because you’re identifying with the character in the story so you’re feeling what he’s feeling.’

What if I have pre-school children?
They can come too and some of our older children will read a picture book to them.

What is the poster competition?
As part of the Get Ready to read Week there will also be poster competition. We are inviting children from across the school to make a poster about their favourite author or book. The poster must be no larger than A3 as the winning posters will be laminated and displayed in the school library. The deadline for this will be Tuesday 16th April and the winners will be announced on the following Friday.