Welly Week at Parkside

When is our Welly Week?
Our Welly Week will start the second week back after the Easter Holiday starting Monday 22nd April until Friday 26th April.
What will happen during Welly Week?
During the week, each class will undertake various gardening or outdoor activities linked to their topic.  It would therefore be excellent if all children could have already brought in their wellies or old trainers to keep at school. 
Some classes will be helping to improve the outdoor area, for example by making signs for our 'campfire area' and 'log pile house', making a 'minibeast hotel' and clearing paths in the woods.  We will also be getting our allotments ready for Spring.  Year 5 have already done a great job improving the pond area.   
How can I get involved in Welly Week?
If you would like to help with your child's class during Welly Week, please let Miss Goddard know.  If you have any spare wellies that you do not mind donating to the school, they would be greatly appreciated.  
Why is outdoor learning important?
Outdoor learning allows children to have a greater appreciation for the natural world, to take risks, to problem solve alone or as a team and to understand how living things grow and interrelate.   It offers a great 'classroom' for inspiring literacy, art and undertaking maths activities such as counting, pattern seeking, measuring and recording.  It is obviously also great physical exercise in the fresh air!  Keeping wellies at school will mean that the children can enjoy learning outside, whatever the weather.
Please remember to bring in wellies by April 22nd!

Thank you.