Year 5


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At the start of year 5, the following homework will be set every Wednesday and will be due in the following Wednesday:

  • Reading. Reading miles will be collected on a Wednesday, please make sure you child brings their reading Diary in to school for this day so that the points can be collected. Even if your child is a confident reader, spending time reading with your child will be beneficial and will help develop their reading skills further.
    • Spelling. Spelling will be set every week on a Wednesday and will be due in on the following Wednesday. This will be set through spelling shed.
    • Mathematics. All mathematics homework will be set through Mangahhigh. It is very important that your child has a pen and paper available when they are doing this homework to help them to work out the answers. The homework set will go alongside what we are learning in lesson and will support their learning. Children should complete each task at least twice to try and achieve/ improve on the medals they are awarded.

*Top tip. If you have been helping your child and they are getting onto harder levels but are not ready for this. Purposefully get some answers wrong so that they are back to a level they are happy with.

    • Arithmetic. We will do an arithmetic challenge on a Friday. These will be marked in class and sent home for corrections.

Four of the projects need to be completed throughout the term. These can be brought in when they have been completed and we will present them on Tuesday's.

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