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End of year play 2019 - Oliver!


If you would like to have a speaking part, learn this monologue off by heart over half term:

I hope I shall have the honour of your intimate acquaintance. We are very glad to see you, Oliver, very! Ah! You’re a-staring at the pocket-handkerchiefs! Eh, my dear? There are quite a few of them, ain’t there? We’ve just hung ‘em out, ready for the wash. No, this isn’t exactly a laundry, my boy. I suppose a laundry would be a very nice thing indeed, but our line of business pays a little better – don’t it boys? You see, Oliver . . . in this life, only one thing counts.

This is a monologue from the character Fagin but we will use it to decide on all of the speaking roles. We will be looking for clearly spoken lines with good projection and energy - don't just stand there are read it from a page! Good luck!

Welcome to Year 6.

This term, Year 6 are learning about the Ancient Greeks and are reading Odysseus in T1 and Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief in T2.

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4/9/18: "It's OK to be a 'spork'.

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