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Weekly homework is set on a Monday and expected to be completed by the following Monday. This will be a mixture of maths, SPaG and topic related tasks. If children are falling behind or don't have access to a computer at home, they can arrange with me to complete it during lunch times at school.

Reading: All children in the class are expected to read for 30 minutes 5 times a week - this should be a mixture of independent and alongside an adult who can help ask questions and deepen their understanding.

Spellings: Spellings will be set on a Thursday with a test the following Thursday.

Times tables: Children will have a times table test on Thursdays which will identify particular table facts to learn for the following week. The class will have an opportunity to focus specifically on their tables in school each week.

T2 Homework Project:

In your Creative Writing books, write a story of your choice. You can use your own ideas, link it to Ancient Greece or get inspiration from

Once you have written your story, you should use the Y6 checklists to edit your work to be of Y6 expected standard.


  • Stories can be no longer than 5 pages of 'write a line, miss a line'.
  • Stories must have a beginning, middle and ending.
  • You should include a mixture of dialogue and narrator.
  • You can do several drafts in your book before doing a 'finished' version.

Your stories are due in on Monday 10th of December where we will we will peer reviewing them and using 'Spot it' sheets to give them a score.

T1 Homework Project:

Year 6 Term 1 Homework Project.pdf

Weekly Spellings:

29/11/18: For the remainder of this term, our Thursday spelling tests will be a lucky dip of words covered so far. Please look back over the lists and your spelling books to see what patterns to practise.

22/11/18: Words from the 5/6 word list. Due 29/11/18

15/11/18: adding suffixes to '-fer' words. Due 22/11/18

8/11/18: Words from the 5/6 word list. Due 15/11/18

1/11/18: 'ible' and 'able' spellings. Due 8/11/18

11/10/18: 'ant', 'ance' and 'ancy' spelling rule. Due 18/10/18

4/10/18: Words from the 5/6 word list. Due 11/10/18

27/9/18: 'tial' and 'cial' spellings. Due 4/10/18

20/9/18: Words from the 5/6 word list. Due 27/9/18

13/9/18: 'cious' and 'tious' spellings. Due 20/9/18

6/9/18: accommodate, accompany, according, achieve, aggressive, amateur, ancient, apparent, appreciate, attached, available. Due 13/9/18

Weekly Homework:

wb 3/12/18: Maths homework on coordinates and translation. I have sent an explainer sheet home along with questions to complete. We will be covering this in more detail in class next week. Due 10/12/18

wb 26/11/18: Complete the fractions consolidation booklet and make note of any areas that you find challenging. Spend some time practising these before sharing in class next week.

wb 12/11/18: Mark your arithmetic paper 3b using the answer sheet. Go through any mistakes or errors and try to spot how they occured. Make a note of any particularly tricky questions to discuss in class next week. Due 19/11/18

wb 5/11/18: Complete the commas SPaG sheet that went home today. Due 12/11/18

wb 29/10/18: Complete the clauses, phrases and sentences SPaG sheet that went home today. Due 5/11/18

wb 8/10/18: Complete the formal and informal/punctuating dialogue SPaG sheet that went home today. Due 15/10/18

wb 1/10/18: Complete the colons and semi colons SPaG sheet that went home today. Due 8/10/18

wb 24/9/18: Go through your mini arithmetic test (1b) with an adult at home. Focus on any errors and see if they can help you make corrections. Perhaps you can teach them something too! Due 1/10/18

wb 17/9/18: x3 MyMaths homeworks to consolidate your place value learning from this term. Due 24/9/18

wb 10/9/18: Complete the synonyms and antonyms SPaG sheet that went home today. Due 17/9/18

wb 4/9/18: Review your Y5 MyMaths work and complete any unfinished items. Revisit any tasks that have less than 80% and see if you can improve your score - aim for 100%. Due 10/9/18