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Ongoing Maths resources:

Below are some old maths past paper questions (these are from old curriculum papers but are still extremely useful!) that can be accessed as a pdf. The questions are saved by 'type' e.g. one pdf is on BODMAS, another on fractions etc.

Most of the questions on the pdfs have a 'YouTube' hyperlink built in. Once you have attempted questions (or if you are really stuck) you should click on the link and this will open a YouTube video where an explanation of how to solve the problem can be accessed. Practising in this way will be extremely useful and watching the explanations will allow you to check your answers and, possibly, learn another way of solving a problem.

There is no 'due' date, but if you are looking to do some extra practise then I would recommend using these past paper questions.

002 - Column Methods Add + Subtract.pdf
004 - Division.pdf
008 - Fraction of a Quantity.pdf
005 - Factors,Primes + Squares.pdf
021 - Inequality Signs.pdf
016 - Rounding.pdf
006 - Fraction Adding.pdf
007- Frac Dec Perc Equivalence.pdf
025 -Sequences.pdf
012 - Multiplying and Multiples.pdf
013 - Negative Numbers.pdf
009 - Fractions of Shapes.pdf
018 - Comparing.pdf
011 - Long Multiplication.pdf
015 - Place Value.pdf
010 - Multiply Divide by 10, 100, 1000.pdf
003 - Decimals.pdf