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Sapperton Wood Project

Over the last year we have been in contact with local land owners to find a suitable woodland location from which to deliver some of our Forest School sessions to KS2. Although our own school setting provides great opportunities and we have had really positive feedback from children and parents, I feel that, as the children get older and more accustomed to our setting, it is important that they are able to experience nature and Forest School activities in a more ‘wild’ situation.

I am pleased to say that we have been given permission to use a local woodland for our sessions. It is called Sappterton Wood and it is located to the east of Maynard’s Green. It is likely that many of you will have walked past it on one of the many footpaths that run south from Heathfield. The woodland is owned by Bellhurst Nature Conservation Trust and I have had meetings with both a Trustee of the Trust and their Woodland Manager to agree usage. They are very keen for the woodland to be used for educational purpose and they also have areas of expertise that they are prepared to offer in the future.

Morning Forest School sessions that take place each Friday will now be taking place at Sapperton Wood as of 20/1/17. Children need to continue to come to school as they have been and we will be departing for the woodland at 9.05am. Mrs Barker will be transporting us using the school minibus and we will return to school in time for lunch. Afternoon sessions will continue to take place at school.

The woodland has a Public Footpath running through it and so we may encounter members of the public using the wood recreationally for dog walking. If your child has a strong fear of dogs please let me know in advance.


How will my child be able to go to the toilet whilst out in the woods?


We have a toileting procedure in place. A designated area for toileting will be established and privacy maintain through the use of tarp ‘modesty screens’. Hand washing facilities will be available at all times. We teach children how to go for ‘number twos’ but encourage them to go to the loo before we leave.

What is the procedure for if a child goes missing?

We have a lost/missing child procedure in place and conduct regular headcounts. We teach the children about boundaries and how to call for help. Our first priority is to try and locate the missing child. If, after 5 minutes, this has been unsuccessful, we contact the emergency services and enact our emergency plan.

What is the procedure for dealing with injuries?

We always have a first aider present. In the unlikely event of more serious injuries, we have an emergency procedure for contacting the emergency services. Full map coordinates are given for both air and land ambulance. The school is immediately contacted and the emergency plan followed.