How can I help my child?

The best way to help your child is to read with them regularly. Our expectation at Parkside is that parents listen to their child read at least 3 times a week.

To help your child practise their sounds:

To help your child practise their Tricky Rocket Words:

To help your child practise their Handwriting:

Play the videos above and ask your child to join in.

Help your child read their Hedgehog words (in Reception) or Space words (in Year 1).

Print off a handwriting sheet:

Print off a sound mat and practise quick recall.

Phase 2 (Reception):

Print out Tricky Word strips for your child's Phase.

Practise letters with the magic pencil and play it back:

Phase 3 (Reception & Y1):

Print out Tricky Word bookmarks to practise just before reading a book.

Ask your child to practise writing their name or some tricky words. Remember each letter starts on the line!

Phase 5 (Y1 & Y2):

Dinosaur Eggs

Watch Geraldine the Giraffe videos and practise writing words afterwards.

Tricky Words Bus (Phase 2)

Practise on a whiteboard.

Watch various videos by Mr Thorne.

Tricky Words Train (Phase 3)

Practise in 'paint bags'.

Play Buried Treasure. You could choose sounds that your child is finding hard to remember.

Tricky Words Ship (Phase 5)

Ask them to write sounds or make words featuring different sounds with magnetic letters, in salt, in 'paint bags' or on a whiteboard e.g. can you make 'rain', now 'train', now 'pain'.

Ask them to make common words with magnetic letters, with felt tip pens, in salt, sand, as a 'rainbow word' or on a whiteboard.

If you would like to know anymore about phonics, please do not hestitate to ask your child's teacher.