Foster a Love of Reading

To foster a love of reading it is important that we are loving and compassionate towards our children, that we instill a love for learning and give them the tools they need to explore and enjoy real books.

How do we do that?

By not forcing them to learn, but by being a role model for them and showing your enthusiasm for learning, by exposing them to all kinds of exciting things and talking with them about it and learning about these things together, by helping them explore things that excite them.

However, if you’d like them to learn the love of reading, there are things you can do that are consistent with the philosophy in the paragraph above:

  • Start by reading to your child. You can start from the moment they are born, but whenever you start is good. Read fun books, exciting books, adventurous books.

  • Always make reading fun. Make it a time of bonding between you. Make it something your child looks forward to doing each day. Do not make reading a forced thing — encourage it, make it fun, don’t force them to read if they don’t want to.

  • Try making it a routine — do it at the same time of day, in the same place, such as at night in bed or in the morning in a favourite chair or couch — because children find comfort in routines.

  • Also make it a habit to go to the library and help your them find books that interest them.

  • Provide a variety of reading materials, about topics they are interested in. Lots of books, lots of magazines, websites, etc.

  • Be a model — read yourself. Do it every often, and let your child see how much you enjoy reading. They will pick up on it.