What are sounds and Tricky Words?

In phonics, children will learn 2 main strategies to read:

1. They will learn the 42 different sounds which may be 1 letter sounds ('a', 'b', 'c', etc), 2 letters that make 1 sound called digraphs ('ch', 'sh', 'oo', 'ng', etc.) or 3 letters that make 1 sound called trigraphs ('igh', 'ear', 'air', 'ure').

2. 'Tricky words' are common words which can not be decoded using the above sounds. They are known as Tricky Words and are naughty as they do not follow the rules! For instance, when reading 'the', a child might want to pronounce the 'e' on the end. These words just have to be learnt.