Parkside has a well-developed and current list of policies on a range of issues.

Some of our policies are available below, others are available from the school office on request.

_Attendance Policy .pdf
_Behaviour Policy November 2021 .pdf
_Charging and Remissions policy.pdf
_Complaints Procedure Policy.pdf
co-ordinated-admission-schemes 2022-2023.pdf
_E-safety and Internet Policy .pdf
_Equality Policy and Action Plan 2019-22.pdf
_Governors Visit Policy.pdf
_Health and Safety Policy 2022.pdf
_Relationships and sex education policy .pdf
_ Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy September 2021.pdf
Special Educational Needs policy January 2022.pdf
_Suspension and Exclusion Policy November 2021 .pdf
_Wrap Policy 2021-22 (1).pdf
Teaching and Learning Policy 2021 .pdf