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Home Learning for Reception to Year 6 on Google Classroom

Click here or on the video to the left to find out about how to log in to and use Google Classroom - suggested daily tasks for each year group in maths, English as well as one other subject (history, geography, art, design technology, P.E., science and lots more!).

We would like to stress that we fully understand that, for many parents and carers, it may be difficult to support children with home learning for a range of reasons at this incredibly challenging time. We appreciate that it may not possible to undertake any or all of the tasks for this reason.

Sports Day 2020..pdf

Parkside School Sports Day 2020

Sports Day for our school this year will run for a whole week starting on Monday 13th July. Children who are at school will take part in the five events detailed in the programme attached. But, we would encourage the children who are learning from home to take part too!

There are five challenges for you to have a go at from home. You have until 5pm on Thursday 16th July to send in your scores. We will use Google Forms to record the scores for each activity, asking for your name, year group, house team and challenge score. We will add up all of the four house teams’ scores for the five challenges for the week and will announce the winning house on Friday 17th July.

There will be a separate Mum, Dad and Carer competition. The winner will be crowned mums race or dads race champion respectively. This will be an additional Google Form setup for parents only.

Good luck everyone and I hope you have lots of fun taking part!

Submit your scores here:

Pupil Sports Day Results

Parent and Carer Sports Day Results

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