Wrap Care

We offer a Breakfast Club and After School Club which can be booked on a regular or occasional basis. Children can attend one to five days a week.  Breakfast is available for children who arrive before 8am and a light dinner option can be booked.

Wrap care bookings are made via ParentMail.

Please make sure you have read and are aware of our terms, conditions and fees as set out in the information below before booking.

Our wrap around care

Wrap around care is available to all children who attend Parkside Primary school as well as children who are in their final year of Parkside Preschool before starting primary school.  

We recognise that due to work and other commitments, it is not always possible to drop off and pick up children from school when the school day starts and ends.  We aim to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all children who attend our wrap around care.

As this care is provided outside of the normal school day, there are costs associated with this provision.  The drop-down menu below sets out the pricing structure as well as details of bookings, cancellations and late pick-up. 

Whilst we will strive to provide Wrap care for all eligible children, in the case where staffing implications apply (e.g. where specific support or care is required) it may not be possible to offer this provision.  In this circumstance, we would engage with the parents/carers to discuss.

Please refer to the drop down menus below which set out further information and our terms and conditions.

Opening hours and breakfast provision

Breakfast club runs from 7:30am until 8:40am (when the children can access their classrooms).  Please note that, in order to allow the school to be ready for the start of the day, breakfast is only served until 8am.  Children arriving after this point will not be able to have breakfast provided.

After school club runs from the end of the school day, until 5:30pm.  For children who attend Parkside Preschool (in their final year before starting Reception), the club runs until 4:20pm.

Fees and methods of payment

The following fees for Wrap around care for children who attend Parkside Primary School apply:

Breakfast club: £5.00 per session - includes breakfast cereals and/or croissant (or similar) and drink.  Breakfast can only be provided to children who arrive in Wrap care by 8am.

After school club:  End of school-4:20pm: £5.00 per session

                              End of school-5:30pm: £10.00 per session (without tea)

                              End of school-5:30pm: £12.00 per session (with tea)


Where a child attends a school club beforehand, the sessions available are:

                              4:20-5:30pm: £5 per session (without tea)

                              4:20-5:30pm: £7 per session with tea

The following fees for Wrap around care for children who attend Parkside Preschool apply:

After school club:  3:30pm - 4:20pm: £6.00 per session


Fees for Preschool children are set at a higher rate due to the ratio of staff to children requirements.

Fees for late pick-up

We recognise that unavoidable events can mean that parents and carers may occasionally be delayed when picking up children from Wrap care.   Unfortunately, late pick up does affect staffing requirements and has an unavoidable cost to the school.  If a late pick-up is anticipated, parents/carers should contact the school by telephone to advise on this at the earliest opportunity so that appropriate staffing levels can be arranged if needed.

If a child is late being picked up by less than ten minutes, there will be no additional charge.  For pick-ups more than ten minutes after the time booked, the following charges will apply:

If a parent is delayed after 5.30pm it is necessary for two staff members to remain in school until the child is picked up.  In this circumstance, charges may begin immediately at the following rate:

Outstanding fees

We would encourage you to ensure your ParentMail account has sufficient credit to cover all bookings.

To allow for settlement for those using childcare vouchers, where the date the school is credited is not entirely within parental/carer control, the system does allow for a small amount of debt. However, once this limit is reached you further bookings will be blocked. 

Methods of Payment

Electronically via your ParentMail account - accessed via the school’s website as above

Childcare Vouchers.   Please contact the Bursar via the school office to arrange this

Tax Free Childcare scheme (the National Savings Account) - see www.gov.uk/tax-free-childcare (for more details. Please advise the Bursar if you intend to pay via this method).   


We are extremely fortunate to be able ot offer children who attend our WRAP care, a cosy and friendly environment.  This is mainly situated in our multi-use central area which includes the library and computing suite.  In addition, the children are able to enjoy the school's grounds when the weather allows.  

Drop off and Pick Up

It is extremely important, for safeguarding reasons, that no children are dropped at the school before 7:30am as the school will not be open to children and there will be no adult supervision.  It is also required that children are safely inside the school building with a member of the WRAP staff before the parent or carer leaves.  The only exception to this will be if Year 6 children have written permission provided by their parent or carer to walk in to school and attend WRAP.  This permission will be granted at the discretion of the school.

It is extremely important, for safeguarding reasons and fire regulations, that when parents or carers collect their child(ren), they collect their children from WRAP staff.  The only exception to this will be if Year 6 children have written permission provided by their parent or carer to walk home.  This permission will be granted at the discretion of the school.

For all wrap-around care, it is essential that you inform the school’s Wrap team via email (wraparound@parksideprimary.org), by telephone call or conversation (with Wrap staff) if your child will be picked up by an alternative adult.  If this is a regular arrangement, we would require to have information provided in writing.